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Club Hotel Casino Loutraki Greece

The suites is equipped with smart home systems and include smart lighting system controlled by special light switches. Switches which allow you to control the levels of illumination, lighting situations such as - a situation Watching TV, listening to music mode and more. It is important to note that the preference was to use technology developed in Israel rather than in the smart house of the American or German companies to display it in the country. In addition, the system includes a music center split audio system that allows for any guest in the suite to hear different types of music at the same time. In this way, each guest suite hear music that matches his needs regardless of the different types of music selected by the other guests at the same time a suite. In the amount - all the system operates dozens of different scenarios, based on the music such as: Classical, Dance, House - progressive, country , Irish music "spirit" and more. As part of the system for selecting the hotel, a senior staff came to Israel from the hotel, and checked various technologies. The system, which is designed by our engineers in Israel were many advantages including the subject of integration into the system between the center of the music, lighting, blinds merger.
Also at the hotel  installed advanced sound system combined with the announcement of emergency that the power of the system is about 10800W RMS - The system has 16 channels of different music zone.
In addition sound system was installed at the spa hotel.
Also at the hotel installed advertising 4 3D screens overall "47" 3D manufactured TOSHIBA included production of movies in 3D technology without glasses for the hotel and the casino.
The project was carried out in cooperation with companies It-Works and I-Feel.