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Digital CCTV

Advanced digital technology lets CCTV work harder for you
With Digital CCTV technology there is no need to replay hours of tape to search for an incident. CCTV footage can be searched by simply entering a date and time or applying a mouse pointer to a timeline on a monitor screen.

If the incident time is not known, a search can be made by marking an area on the image and asking the system to search for activity in that area, a list of events will be offered for review. During all these operations, normal recording continues, uninterrupted.

Benefits of Digital CCTV
Digital recorders offer significant benefits over VCR’s. These include:

Low maintenance
Never stops recording
Superior image quality
Instant Playback
Fast image search & retrieval
Easy alarm management
Superior archiving capabilities
Simultaneous Playback, Record & Archive
No tapes required (unless archiving)
Remote transmission & networking.