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Fire detection system is the basic terms of preliminary approval of the police / services of fire-fighting of the public. In recent years, also has been expanded demand for offices and medium-size and small, shops and restaurants. In some sites, the requirement of automatic fire, if using gas balloons and if you turn the system through sprinkles.
All systems are installed on the device according to the Israeli demands, and the device also performs a test to confirm the adjustment of the equipment and install the device according to requirements.
At Systems specializes in planning implementation and maintenance of fire and smoke detection systems.
The systems we install meet the standards of the Standards Institute of Israel Standard 1220.
The systems are installed to the highest standards approved by a bunch of fire insurance.

European standards by N-54, CP-10, BS EN-54.

Extinguishing Systems:
At Systems markets fire-extinguisher automatic Extinguishing in different sizes and for all needs. Tanks contain powder, gas, and gas foam green.

Automatic Extinguishing  systems:
The Systems specializes in installing automated systems Extinguishing confirmed FM / UL buildings, public buildings, electricity rooms communication cupboard requirement by firemen.