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Fire Alarm Systems & Solutions

Getting the best fire protection system for your premises is essential - the simplest way to ensure you have it is to turn to WIB.

Fire is among the most serious dangers we face. According to Home Office statistics, every year there are more than 100,000 fires in buildings, and around 600 people lose their lives. The suffering and financial losses are incalculable - reliable and effective fire detection and alarm systems are essential.

We take responsibility for every stage of fire detection and alarm system development and implementation, including site surveys, system design, installation, commissioning, monitoring and ongoing maintenance and fire protection service.

We offer a portfolio of fire protection products and services that allow us to provide a complete answer to your fire safety needs, whether a new build or an upgrade to existing premises. These include a range of control panels that run from simple compact installations for smaller applications, to sophisticated analogue addressable controllers including large networked products.

80% of deaths from fire occur in smouldering fires from carbon monoxide asphyxiation. CO fire detection in hotels, halls of residence and care homes provide a unique safeguard. And once a fire is detected, effective fire prevention systems must be in place. We provide a full range of gaseous extinguishing systems including the Sapphire System.