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Smart home

Who doesn't want an intelligent home? We all want a system that will serve us, provide us the maximum convenience and even save electricity.

Not so long ago, smart house was within reach only for wealthy costumers that bought tens of thousand dollar worth systems and had to spend thousands of dollars on expensive infrastructure. In additional, smart house systems demanded an expensive planning during the construction and the systems were not suited for existing houses.

Not anymore!

WIB smart home solutions decided to make your dream a reality, and supply smart home systems also for a more modest budget and for existing houses.


 WIB SYSTEMS provide two kinds of systems:


A new house system, that demand a dual infrastructure in a modest budget with a modular-base system and without the need of breaking walls, and an existing house system, that hidden in the switch and make your house a smart house in no time.

WIB makes the smart-house systems affordable to anyone, with a reasonable price and professional service. I feel makes it possible for you to control your house with a friendly interface – through remote-control, touch screen, your TV and even your phone.