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We are proud to present the Smart bell system and emergency messages most advanced bell rings software for schools & factories.

No more gigs clock and music box! No more annoying ring that can't be changed!
But innovative software, sophisticated and very simple to operate! With countless tunes!
The software easily replaces the old clock chimes and suitable for all type and size of institution of the computer user and public address system.
No need of computer knowledge to operate the software and user friendly than any alarm rings exist.
The system consists of software and a sound card and connects to existing infrastructure; the software is installed on an existing standard computer, and runs in the background and not interfere with the ongoing work on the computer.

System Benefits:
Bargain  Monthly Payment.
Savings over time - the software do not breaks down / broken.
Simple installation - simple and fast installation.
Simple operation - operation is simple and friendly. English interface.
Unlimited rings - No limit on the number of rings and the melodies you can play.
Diversity programs - designed different ring all day, season, event or special date.
Planning according to need - determined when the system operates according holidays or ceremonies.
Regulating the volume - Set the volume \ recording to ring separately.
Accuracy - accuracy of times, especially if your computer is connected to the Internet.
Easily backup - Back up the file rings for another use.
Emergency messages - Recording emergency guidelines and stating them at the touch of a button.

More options
Combining quiet background music during breaks. You can record yourself and plan in advance for broadcast transmission system whenever you want. You will automatically replace the rings all the time, such as before the holidays or special times. The software provides precision ring to the level of a second.

Conditions and costs
Cost of  the software license is a Monthly payment  including support and service  for just 65 NIS+VAT 

Free software experience without any obligation!
For details and reservations: WIB Systems Ltd

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