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Nurse Calling System
The nurse call system helps assure families that their children are safe and that they are being monitored – even if a nurse is not in the room.
Nurses can receive and place calls from either the master station or a room station. They can receive calls from patients, visitors and staff members and place calls to patients, staff members or specific locations.

When nurses receive patient calls, the master station tells who is calling. It is able to categorize calls, emergency calls take precedence. Added flexibility comes from stations located in every patient room and various other locations throughout patient-care areas. Staff members can use these stations to call either the master station or staff members who may be located in patient rooms.

Perhaps the most important feature of the system is the capability to locate specific staff members, who wear locator badges wherever they go. Locator badges send a silent signal to receivers built into each room station and mounted in other areas as needed. Staff location is displayed on a computer screen at the master nurse station.