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Prison and Police Sector

WIB have worked with head teachers, police, local education authorities, governors and fire brigades to understand how to develop integrated systems designed to address the special security issues of this sector.

Our Solutions
This Sector can be a target for vandalism, theft, and arson - WIBs fire detection equipment provides complete protection from fire while, out of hours security can be provided by a combination of intruder detectionPublic Address & Background Music  and CCTV . The use of CCTV systems is widely accepted as a deterrent to behaviour crime. WIB's carbon detector has been specifically developed to provide early warning of incipient fire – this can be critical for the survival of occupants in sleeping accommodation.

Access control systems allow control of access to ‘high value areas’ such as computer rooms and offer added protection to staff and students. The use of smartcard technology offers other benefits in addition to access control. The card can contain ID, credentials, photo, personalised logo, can be used to purchase meals in canteens or for PC logons etc. Additional protection of high value items can be achieved with electronic asset tagging.