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Home Protection Options

At WIB we understand how you can best protect your home.Our monitored home alarms protect you, your loved ones and your home from burglary,unwanted intruders, personal attack, fire and carbon monoxide posioning, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.We offer a product range that enables you to build a home protection package to suit your needs.  

Protecting You, Your Family and Your Home

With WIB expertise and knowledge you can build a security system around your needs. Enhance your home protection with professionally installed CCTV, Video Door Entry (Access Control).

CCTV provides a higher level of security and acts as a deterrent in its own right to both intruders and trespassers
Our products are designed specifically for home use and are suitable for surveillance inside or outside your home
Footage is recorded on a hard drive in your home for playback and evidence if needed 
Video Door Entry

WIB door entry systems provide reliable and robust systems allowing you to view and speak to visitors and have control over their access to your home
Door entry units can be fitted to various entry points to your property including your front door or entrance gates.

Protect your Family and Home with a Monitored Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarm
It’s a sad fact but 1 in 3 smoke alarms fail to work and warn residents of a fire – mainly due to missing or non working batteries.
Monitored Fire Alarms

WIB fire alarms are constantly monitored and are maintained twice a year; your battery is automatically checked by us daily so that it works in the event of an emergency.
Carbon Monoxide Detection

We also offer monitored carbon monoxide detection which detects slow smouldering fires before they ignite.
WE Can Monitored Fire and Carbon Monoxide Protection with Intruder Alarm

Smart Home

WIB SYSTEMS LTD company  provides a solution for all systems, including smart house.
The company deals with development, marketing and assistance with the installation of various systems in the home, and provides its customers with a life-style which is more comfortable, safe, economic and pleasant by the integration of smart systems for the home. The system enables management and definitions according to various conditions and adaptation of scenarios to each home according to requirements adapted personally to each customer.

Learn More About Smart Home