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WIB Systems Ltd was set up in order to provide a comprehensive coverage under a single roof in the areas of advice and guidance, development, installation and application of all security and low-tension systems.

The WIB company enables its clients to benefit from the wide experience and knowledge of the company's staff, and offers to accompany its clients closely with a range of solutions best suited to their available funds and demands. The company brings to the sphere of low-tension systems its experience and capabilities in the areas of computerization, communications and the setting up of infrastructure, bearing in mind the direction in which all systems are converging towards an integrated IP infrastructure.

Within the framework of such activity, the company installs security, control and low-tension systems in public institutions, commercial buildings, malls, and private buildings. These systems are controlled by a central control system by means of the IP network.
Integration of these capabilities with a low-tension engineering and technical capability, relying on the supply of equipment from the world's leading companies, produces a winning combination enabling the successful setting up and application of projects composed of a range of solutions at the forefront of worldwide technology, according to the Turn Key Projects method. This allows the client to deal with other business without the bother of managing the project or keeping an eye on the contractors.

The company provides a range of services including advice on and characteriza- tion of systems, a combination of computer networks with communications infrastructure and security systems, installation and running in of systems on site and contract management of low-tension systems. The company also accompanies the project when it is in operation with engineering backup and service provided by senior technical staff. The company offers a range of support services via the Internet and the cellular networks.

The WIB service center operates 24 hours a day every day of the year, and the company offers a variety of service agreements which ensure a quick response to each service call. The company provides high quality laboratory services for all equipment.
The company operates both in Israel and abroad in the area of marketing, installation and servicing of advanced communications systems.

The company is in partnership with a major company in Europe and this cooperation between the two creates a synergy to the benefit of all their clients! The company is characterized by an extremely high performance capability, and by the giving of advice, service and the setting up of projects of all sizes quickly and efficiently to all comers. The staff enjoys a high reputation accumulated over many years.

The Low-tension Systems Division provides comprehensive solutions in the following areas:

Fire and smoke detection, fire extinguishing, emergency loudspeaker and evacuation system, flooding and moisture detection, nurse calling system.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) and digital recording, detection and prevention of break-ins, access control, identification and recording of license-plate numbers, intercom, smart building control, a smart fence.

Professional sound systems, background music systems, video-conferencing, telephone PBXs, IP telephone, professional lighting systems, observation and projection systems, multi-media systems for conference rooms.

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